Onboarding Best Practices: How to Increase Your Revenue 50% Per Employee (Part 2/2)
Graham Moreno

Now that you’ve made your onboarding experience celebratory and inviting you’ve immediately engaged your new employee thanks to the warm welcome they’ve received. Great start! Now on to the remaining onboarding best practices which are making onboarding easy for your existing employees and implementing continuous onboarding.

Grease the rails

The next step in implementing our onboarding best practices is to make the work done for onboarding (paperwork, physical access, technology, logins, and so on) as effortless as possible on your current team. You need to “grease the rails”, so to speak.

The onboarding process should involve minimal clicks, no follow ups, and should come with clear directions so your team can quickly get their future colleague set up and ready to go before they arrive.

Sounds dreamy right?

Onboarding Best Practices: How to Increase Your Revenue With Onboarding (Part 1/2)
Graham Moreno

A great onboarding experience can increase revenue 50% per employee, and can increase customer satisfaction 60% (crazy how more engaged employees = more revenue and happier customers, right?). Use onboarding best practices to avoid common onboarding errors like the one in our example below.

The Scene

Bob gets hired at hot startup “Snapbook” as employee number 24.

Bob is elated because Snapbook is the next big thing and he’ll work with the best people in the industry, learn a ton, and become a millionaire (billionaire even!).

Five days before Bob starts, Janice, the head of Snapbook People Operations which, for now, encompasses HR, goes through the SnapBook onboarding checklist and sends emails to IT, the head of the department Bob will be in, and facilities. Many startups haven’t implemented onboarding best practices, and Snapbook is no different, as we’re about to see.

Bob arrives on his start date excited to hit the ground running and start changing the world.

Bob discovers that he doesn’t have a computer because IT thought he was starting next Monday. He’s also missing an access card that seems to have wandered away. Janice has been swamped and wasn’t able to follow up on her earlier emails. HR is a hiring need, but is seen as a cost center so executive leadership is holding off on hiring someone solely for HR.

Bob’s training flow is slightly thrown off by not having a computer but he enjoys his first few days of training with the other four folks who started with him (all of whom are missing various logins or tools as well, but none of the same ones).

After a few days of puttering around waiting for IT and facilities to sort themselves out Bob gets his computer and access card. By the end of week one everything is all figured out and Bob is ready to get going, no harm no foul—right?


Automate to Re-Engage Your Team
Graham Moreno

I got a note this morning from a friend and former colleague regarding a trending topic about employee engagement:

"#HowIStaySaneInMyWorkspace" is trending on twitter. It would be interesting to gram highlights for a bklog post on productivity.

There were a great number of references to the various alcoholic solutions, but the trend was very real.

Stay sane in the workplace

Kordami & Slack = Lightning fast Knowledge Management
Graham Moreno

Slack and Kordami

I woke up this morning and found an email from Kordami’s OG: Paul. Paul is a fantastically enthusiastic guy and his passion for Kordami — life in general, but Kordami specifically — is infectious. His email was an email to a local startup about a really cool update for knowledge management and sales enablement that we recently released that he knew could help them.

We recently pushed a release that allows teams to pull up knowledge and domain expertise in Slack from Kordami. What that means in terms of use case is that customer facing folks can access tech information and identify experts in different knowledge areas in real time without having to search for it. We’re shooting to make knowledge management and access simple with this release.

The result: more in depth conversations with prospects and customers due to quick access to key information and stakeholders via Slack and sales enablement via rapid knowledge access.

Are You Blue Apron or Whole Foods?
Paul Boomgaart


Employee onboarding is a hot topic, and rightfully so. There are best practices, comprehensive guides, and a lot of great ideas on how to ensure that onboarding at a new company is seamless and helps the new employee get off to a great start. I was recently asked by a lawyer friend why we started Kordami and, more specifically, what a comparison I could make was that would help him understand why what we’re doing is important.

After thinking about it, I realized that an easy real world comparison would be helpful for a lot of folks and ended up settling on Whole Foods vs. Blue Apron to explain the difference between the two approaches.

Transform your onboarding and offboarding with Kordami
Transform your onboarding and offboarding with Kordami