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Kordami simplifies onboarding, offboarding,and everything in between.

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  • All of your systems and processes organized in one place (Salesforce, JIRA, I-9, new computer, and more).
  • Easy workflow creation for each hire allows total customization of the onboarding process both before and after your new employee arrives.
  • Once created, the workflow automatically starts, ensuring that everything from paperwork, to system logins, to physical access is taken care of and tracked effortlessly.
  • One click offboarding ensures a simple and secure offboarding experience.
  • Kordami eliminates security risks and increases accountability for the offboarding process.
  • Never have a bad offboarding experience again.
The Benefits
  • check Increase Employee Retention
    Increase employee retention and ROI on recruiting and training.
  • check Increase Revenue per Employee
    60% year over year improvement in revenue per full time employee.
  • check Increase Customer LTV
    63% year over year improvement in customer satisfaction due to increased employee engagement and productivity.
  • check Mitigate IT Security Risks
    Ensure data security and prevent harmful breaches that damage customer confidence.
  • check Manage All Employee Systems with One Click
    Enhance your brand by making a difficult situation quick, organized, and professional.
  • check Make Data Driven Improvements
    Improve your employee experience with an organized offboarding process that gathers feedback and helps you improve.

We believe in tiered pricing, not tiered functionality. All packages come with full functionality, basic onboarding, and basic support. Interested in concierge onboarding and support? Let us know!

About Kordami

Kordami is built to ensure that no step of onboarding or offboarding is ever forgotten again.

Kordami means "remind me" in Papiamento (one of the languages spoken by our founder Paul). Paul built Kordami after seeing too many new employees not having an important login, computer, or all of their paperwork on their first day of work and seeing the chaos that ensued when offboarding wasn't done well.

We built Kordami to make onboarding and offboarding effortless and stress free so our customers can focus on celebrating growth and change rather than stressing about the logistics of it.

Growth should be celebratory, not stressful. Offboarding should be immediate and drama free.

That's why we do what we do.

Transform your onboarding and offboarding with Kordami
Transform your onboarding and offboarding with Kordami